We support the preparation of the export process to anywhere in the world. We have the experience to prepare all necessary documentation to customs and to road, sea and air transport logistic procedures.

We have the capacity to make the storage until the shipment. We safely store molds and /or the production of plastic parts up to its shipment

Through a network of partners, we can produce prototypes, miniseries and plastic parts series. We follow the entire process.

We guarantee the conduction of several tests and trials necessary to ensure that the mould and the parts obtained comply with the specifications approved by the client.

At this stage, we have a professional and experienced team with the best equipment to produce the molds according to the specifications. The client can monitor the entire process by checking the Progress Report.

Our specialized team prepares the complete mold project. To ensure an effective mold, we conduct several tests like moldeflow, 3D among others. This process is shared with the clients until its final approval.